Instant Affiliate Commission and $7 Script

Well – hands up – who hasn’t heard of $7 Script?? Only those hermits who don’t get out much!!

The Seven Dollar Script ($7 Script) is originally by Jonathan Leger and it was designed to allow anyone to sell digital information products for a mere $7.00. The power of the script was its viral nature which stemmed from the fact that anyone can promote the info-products using their PayPal email address and get paid instantly, without having to wait for affiliate checks to come in each month. This instant affiliate commission payment and immediate gratification has led to thousands of “7 dollar sites” to spring up all over the Internet.

As with anything – there are good and bad points with the $7 script – one of the worst being the fact that Paypal do not like the idea of promoting “get rich quick” schemes and basically, PayPal is saying that when you advertise the fact that you will pay 100% instant commissions within the sales letter, or as a bonus, that this is the equivalent of selling a business opportunity that is not tied to the sale of a product. According to PayPal, that violates their AUP. They have therefore shut down these various accounts and despite protests, are not willing to reopen them.

We’ll leave you to decide whether the Pro’s outnumber the Con’s in relation to $7 script – but one thing is for certain – there are still an awful lot of sites out there using the script!!

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  1. Hi Michael

    The $7 script/Paypal problem arose when some marketers left some parts of the original $7 salesletters as they were – which read like an MLM – this is what was against Paypal’s TOS and got them excited. As long as there is no mention of 100% commssion in the main salesletter, I think everything is OK.

    I will dig a bit deeper and find out more . . . . .

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