RAP and Instant Affiliate Commission

Sometimes you just need cash right away. INSTANT affiliate commission. You don’t want to wait another month until that check arrives or the merchant is willing to do their manual thing with mass pay on PayPal – or whatever!

You want the money NOW!

So, where do you find affiliate programs that pay right away?

And how do these merchants manage to address it all? After all, most affiliate programs pay per month or whatever – and you always have to wait for your money. Even worse, with a lot of affiliate programs, there’s a limit you have to reach first before you even get your first payment!

One piece of software that we ourselves use is well known AND pays you right away. It’s called RAP (Rapid Action Profits). It’s not the only one – but it sure takes a lot of beating!!

Merchants using RAP are able to pay you immediately, because they simply replace their PayPal email address with yours.

The RAP system pays slightly different to other instant payments, in that the sale of a product is never SPLIT between merchant and affiliate (something Paypal is none too keen on!)

If the Merchant was to pay you, let’s say, 50% commission, then every other sale will go directly into your PayPal account. The first payment always goes to the Merchant – to avoid just anyone joining up and buying through their own affiliate link (Clever!) After that the full payment of the product would alternate between you and the Merchant. And there is always a reseller area where you can see exactly what is happening with your marketing! How many clicks – what for – and who gets paid next!!

One thing that happens as a result of this system, is that most Merchants using RAP require you to issue any refunds through your own PayPal account – but obviously only for those sales which you received the money directly for (and not the merchant). This is normal practice and, after all, why should you not refund money directly – when you receive it directly?

Another great thing to come out of RAP is their current Membership Add-On – imagine being an affiliate with recurring instant payments!! What more could you want!

All in all, the RAP system is a great way to get in on Instant Affiliate Commission.

We shall be using a lot of references to affiliate programs using RAP – and if you would like to Google the phrase “Powered by Rapid Action Profits” – you will find A LOT of options!!

Let’s see what we can come up with!

Stick with us and you’ll soon be earning your own Instant Affiliate Commission.

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  1. I’ve been using RAP for quite some time now – and find that they are always “on the ball” – there are new plugins and upgrades available all the time. It seems Membership schemes are the latest to get the RAP treatment.

    Their Forum is one of the best I have seen and no-one waits very long for an answer to whatever question is put to them!

    Excellent for Instant Affiliate Commissions! None better??


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